Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Rastus Pedigree

                                                                                Ron-Del's Wee Tom Thumb-MS, HD716564 07-90, Red
                                                                Wee Willy Fritz III, HD892020 01-92, Red
                                                                                Laibe's Chantilly, HD547212 07-90, Black & Silver, AKC DNA #V134769
                                                                    D And D Bohemian Treasure, HM515308/02 06-95, Black & Tan
                                                                                Treasuredox Morse Code, HD053631 11-84, Black & Silver
                                                                Lybrand'stinyspangledtreasure, HM395898/01 07-94, Chocolate & Tan Dapple
                                                                                Lybrand's Chocolate Cherry, HD780871 01-91, Chocolate & Tan, AKC DNA #V228789
                                                                  C. J's Tiny Li'l Abner SM, HM621186/02 03-97, Black & Tan
                                                                                Bruno's Peppy Red Pepper, HD655613 09-89, Red
                                                                Raisin Rockin Dr Pepper, HD768778 11-90, Black & Silver Dapple
                                                                                Rocky's Foxy Roxy, HD580812 12-89, Black & Silver
                                                D And D Rockin Lady Bug, HM408232/02 04-94, Red
                                                                                Dea Dox Klamath Playboy, HD836771 10-91, Red
                                                                Kanga Rockin Roo Bug, HM346442/04 11-92, Red
                                                                                Rockin Jenni Jo, HD714959 02-91, Red
                Gotham's Ity Bity Boy Wonder, HM822826/01 05-00, Black & Tan
                                                                                Raisin Rockin Dr Pepper, HD768778 11-90, Black & Silver Dapple
                                                                Fritzey's Rockin Blue Eyes, HM339733/01 10-92, Red
                                                                                Freshly Dipped Gingersnap, HD745268 12-90, Red
                                                Bouncing Blue Star, HM491894/01 04-96, Red
                                                                                Oklahoma's Pacos Spike, HD832295 12-90, White
                                                                Schroeder's Number One Gretta, HM383787/04 02-94, Red
                                                                                Green's Lil Baroness, HM275646/01 05-92, Red
                                CJS Well Hello Dolly SM, HM750501/03 06-99, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                                Treasuredox Morse Code, HD053631 11-84, Black & Silver
                                                                Sundance LB Sir Choc-A-Lotms, HM395898/03 09-93, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                                Lybrand's Chocolate Cherry, HD780871 01-91, Chocolate & Tan
                                                Sundance Lady Manda Moni ML, HM587174/02 04-97, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                                Sundance LB Sir Choc-A-Lotms, HM395898/03 09-93, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                Ea Miss Manda Sue, HM465209/02 10-95, Black & Tan Dapple
                                                                                Sundance Luciana Mldsil, HM385546/01 09-93, Black & Silver Dapple
     Newmans Lil Rastus Ts, HP085711/01 06-04, Black & Tan
                                                                                Happy Hollow's Lucky Duke S, HD456635 01-88, Black & Tan, AKC DNA #V155141
                                                                  Whispering Oaks Lucky Dan M, HM393242/04 05-96, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                                Whispering Oaks Knessa Two, HD653038 01-90, Chocolate & Tan, AKC DNA #V155140
                                                                          Whispering Oaks Lil' Daniel M, HM625374/03 07-98, Black & Tan
                                                                                CH Whispering Oaks Silver Eagle, HD126741 03-85, Black & Silver
                                                                Whispering Oaks Choc O'Bell, HM505713/05 05-96, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                                Whispering Oaks Bittersweet, HM373675/01 05-94, Chocolate & Tan
                                Cook's Lil' MR. Scooter, HM808733/01 08-00, Red
                                                                                Sossy Sasifrase Sly, HM578774/03 09-96, Black & Tan
                                                                Dalton's Lil Digger Odell, HM646453/02 11-97, Red Sable
                                                                                Lil Red Dragon Lucy, HM560649/05 09-96, Red
                                                Cook's Cookie Nog, HM764285/01 03-99, Red
                                                                                Rusty Bent Spike Nail, HM426579/01 09-94, Red
                                                                Dalton's Lily Miss Maggy Mae, HM632614/02 11-97, Red Sable
                                                                                Pattie's Little Toy Brandi, HM507745/03 12-95, Red Sable
                Cook's Lil Dixie, HM933435/02 05-04, Black & Tan
                                                                                Nichol's Tator Boey, HD211526 09-85, CHOCOLATE & TAN
                                                                Von Stam's Rooney Boey-MS, HD911380 11-91, Black & Tan
                                                                                Chrissy Weenie Duncan, HD353338 10-87, RED
                                                Rhys, HM353757/04 10-92, Red
                                                                                Von Stam's Casey Jones Ms, HD473778 10-88, WILD BOAR
                                                                Caro's Red Ginger, HD817650 11-91, Red
                                                                                Justice's Hy-Dee, HD474851 10-88, Red
                                Cook's Chocolate Kandi, HM819562/01 08-00, Chocolate & Tan
                                                                                Baker's Von Dittus, HC909086 10-82, Red
                                                                Zane, HM340832/02 02-93, Red
                                                                                Cox's Gretchen, HD398581 04-88, Red
                                                Quigley's Dixie Belle, HM532402/05 07-97, Red
                                                                                Baker's Von Schnieder, HD915170 09-91, Red
                                                                Gillian II, HM353112/06 10-92, Red
                                                                                Sweet Lucy Brown, HD667582 09-89, BLACK & TAN

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