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Trixie's Pedigree

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Trixie's Dam

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
 Raven's Fan Ms
Raven's Fan Ms
AKC #:
HP225167/01 06-08
Birth Date:
Black & Tan Dapple
David Gordon

Raven's Fan Ms
HP225167/01 06-08
Black & Tan Dapple
Euroblaze Richsyl Jamie ML
HP014807/01 05-03
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V252535
Euroblaze Rich-N-Creamy Coco
HM921007/04 10-01
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
Ramsey XII
HM841161/03 01-01
Black & Tan
Lynn's Booker T
HM714925/01 01-99
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V138840
Kk's Hawks Danny-Snickers
HM591732/03 01-97
Chocolate & Tan
McAceo Paceo
HM524644/03 12-95
Black & Tan
Endicott's Lavern
HM623343/01 12-97
Black & Tan
Waltin's Hidden Treasure S
HM511738/01 04-95
Black & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V208826
Scotts Gladys Keyoko
HM337186/05 08-92
Black & Tan
Ally V
HM862443/04 01-01
Chocolate & Tan
Red Hot Spot Of DM
HM644557/03 12-97
Red Dapple
Deepee's Inkspot
HM547189/01 03-96
Black & Tan Dapple
Deepee's Sausa
HM587051/05 09-96
Casey's Shadow Of DM
HM618485/04 05-97
Black & Tan
Drone's Mr Penny Of Eldorado
HM362975/04 03-93
Casey's Jezebel
HD730103 12-89
Black & Tan
Euroblaze Tinseled Sylvi
HM927443/04 10-02
Black & Tan Dapple
Prince George Alan Lawrence
HM836080/06 02-01
Chocolate & Tan Dapple
Yoder's Donald Lee
HM631365/04 09-97
Black & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V106135
Glo-Val's Seymour Ms
HM239989/02 08-92
Black & Tan
Parham's Chocolate Marble
HM411725/02 06-96
Chocolate & Tan
Mjc's Brown Sugars
HM674236/01 09-99
Red Brindle
Whispering Oaks Mark A Tiger
HM541878/06 05-96
Red Brindle
Collins Twinkey PB
HM431527/05 02-94
Black & Tan Piebald
Teenie Weenie Acres Britt
HM800428/01 06-00
Black & Tan
Halelands Sir Brids Jr ML
HM514482/03 09-95
Black & Tan
Halelands Sir London Brid ML
HD247980 06-87
Black & Tan
Lil Lady Abagail
HM407991/04 07-94
Pam's Tenie Weenie Heidi
HM562067/02 06-96
Blue & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V156604
Whispering Chip A Hoy
HM374786/05 06-93
Black & Tan Piebald
Whispering Oaks Paisley Ms
HM370919/03 12-94
Wild Boar Piebald
Mars The Red Star
HP083334/04 04-06
Red Dapple
Goliath Lee Frank
HM866933/02 11-02
Black & Tan
Benedict's Blooming Dudley
HM571620/06 02-00
Oscar Mix
HM338063/02 01-93
Black & Tan
KD Max Nix
HD540875 05-90
Wee Millie
HD743244 01-91
Black & Tan
Jamard's Maria
HD788534 09-90
Black & Tan
Bailey's Shrimp
HD338398 09-86
Bailey's Lucky Charm II
HD255540 02-86
Ginger Ann Norton
HM688650/03 02-00
Prince Charles William Hendershot
HM440434/02 05-94
Willy Wolfe-Walters
HM325212/02 01-92
Sabrina Wolfe-Walters
HD865725 05-91
Black & Tan
Bo-Ka's Piglet Of Pooh Patch
HM606266/02 05-97
Prince Charles William Hendershot
HM440434/02 05-94
Racey Red Lace
HM455444/03 06-94
Terrells Star
HM985328/05 11-02
Red Dapple
Country Lane Copper Top Ms
HM822830/02 08-00
Leedach's Silver Stalker ML
HM484542/03 09-95
Black & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V134793
CH Smitledach Hy Ho Silver ML
HD834418 01-92
Black & Silver
Leedach's Lil Hershey Kiss ML
HM413104/02 01-94
Chocolate & Tan
Leedach's Lil Cherokeeflamems
HM755112/01 06-99
Leedach's Dark Justice Ms
HM441498/01 04-94
Black & Tan
Leedach's Cherokee Maiden Ms
HM543177/01 02-96
Terrells Azalya
HM818336/01 06-01
Black & Tan Dapple
Country Lane Silvr Zephyr ML
HM606869/02 03-97
Black & Tan Dapple
Leedach's Silver Stalker ML
HM484542/03 09-95
Black & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V134793
Leedach's Lil Chelsea ML
HM507861/04 02-96
Country Lane Curley Sue ML
HM723121/01 05-99
Black & Tan
Mickey Rozewicz
HM649117/01 11-97
Black & Tan
Miss Maggie Rozewicz
HM662824/02 11-97
Black & Tan

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                                                                  Trixie's Sire

                                                                       Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
                                                                         Newman's Rocky Mountain Man
                                                                                     Chocolate & Tan

                                                               Copes Knight Demon Ms, HD479854 05-88, Black & Tan,   AKC DNA #V88535
                                                                      Blue Rose's Blueberries Ms, HM396037/03 09-93, Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
                                                               Karisa Fawn Lattimer, HD580870 12-89, Red, AKC DNA #V208870
                                                                  Blue Rose Indigo Sky M, HM666165/01 08-98, Blue & Tan
                                                               Merri-King Hershey ML, HD831116 08-91, Chocolate & Tan
                                                   Hershey's Reeces Pieces Ms, HM479297/04 12-96, Chocolate & Tan Dapple
                                                               Hushpuppy's Ashes Of Color M, HM388693/01 12-93, Black Dapple
                           Long Star's Smokie Blue Ms, HM901783/02 10-01, Blue & Tan, AKC DNA #V130123
                                                                 Sonya's Blu Swade, HM328719/01 05-95, Blue & Tan
                                                   Lil Ebony Lynx, HM559506/05 02-98, Black & Tan Dapple
                                                               Jamie Elizabeth, HM376882/02 02-94, Red & Black
                                       Handys Ultra Blue Matilda Ms, HM777696/06 07-99, Blue & Tan
                                                               Sonya's Blu Swade, HM328719/01 05-95, Blue & Tan
                                                   Bridget's Ruby Tuesday, HM659235/02 02-98, Red
                                                               Lady Pennie Of Sol-Mar, HM464977/05 11-96, Red
               Ms III, HP027477/02 04-04, Fawn (Isabella) & Tan, AKC DNA #V164357
                                                                 Me And My Shadow X, HM633842/06 08-97, Blue & Tan,AKC DNA #V192688
                                                                       Winborne's Delta Blues Boy, HM778230/04 08-99, Blue & Tan, AKC DNA #V112569
                                                                                Baby Ruth Smith, HM558548/06 08-97, Chocolate & Tan
                                       Ike Boy Rayborn, HM883587/01 07-01, Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
                                                               Nuforest Ashes N Embers Ms, HM534111/02 12-95,Red Sable
                                                   Nuforest Spanish Lace MSD, HM660665/02 06-00, Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Dapple
                                                               Nuforest Antique Lace MSD, HM576306/03 12-96, Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Dapple
                           Di's Blue Velvet Baby Ms, HM949670/05 02-03, Blue & Tan, AKC DNA #V217725
                                                                 Red Ding Dong, HM230712/01 06-92, Red
                                                   Buster Douglas, HM537709/04 07-97, Black & Tan
                                                               Henry's Choc Collette, HM407357/03, Chocolate & Tan
                                       Beula Mae Rayborn, HM852156/02 07-01, Blue & Tan
                                                               Chridtine's Red Peanut, HD706068 05-94, Red
                                                   Little Red Abigail II, HM633582/04 07-97, Red
                                                               Levi's Friend Candy, HM391834/01 05-94, Black & Tan
     Newman's Rocky Mountain Man, HP154896/02, Chocolate & Tan
                                                               Love's Longfellow, HD435491 11-87, Red
                                                   Ladd's Whimpy Littlefellow, HD676362 07-90, Red
                                                               Love's Pretty Penny, HD162353 11-85, Red
                                       Ted's Little Rojo, HM415070/03 01-94, Red
                                                               Sam-Sun Red Chipper, HD185171 11-85, Red
                                                   Gidget Fawn Searcy, HD516108 06-89, Red
                                                               Goldie Fawn Jaco, HD305593 05-86, Red
                           West's Little Barkley, HM827721/01 06-00, Red
                                                               Baileys Buster, HD445809 12-88, Red
                                                   Bren Ann's Nikie Joe, HD752978 03-91, Red
                                                               Hana Van Ridgeback, HD488828 12-88, Red
                                       West's Muffin, HM643911/07 11-97, Red
                                                               Baileys Oakie, HD594968 04-89, Red
                                                   Muffin Henley, HD824914 04-91, Red
                                                               Baileys Molly, HD245166 06-86, Red
               McCallie's Little Carlie Ms, HP010407/03 04-04, Red Dapple, AKC DNA #V177037
                                                                          Merri-King Banner Blue MLD, HM549378/01 08-96, Blue & Tan Dapple, AKC DNA #V163272
                                                                  Handys Faded Denim ML, HM716674/02 10-98, Blue & Tan,   AKC DNA #V127907
                                                                 Delldach's BLK Phantasie LH, HM546044/02 12-95, Black & Tan
                                       McCallie's Patches P, HM885577/02 06-01, Chocolate & Tan Dapple
                                                               Outalways Boyz Night Out Ms, HM621133/07 05-97, Black & Tan
                                                   Handys Wild Blue Wonder Ms, HM690177/01 09-99, Blue & Tan Dapple
                                                               Crackerjack Bad B-Dee Blue S, HM461227/04 03-95, Blue & Tan Dapple
                           Lady Ashley Skaggs, HM959349/03 08-02, Black & Tan Dapple, AKC DNA #V85635
                                                                 Handy's Spooky Shadow, HM424984/01 12-93, Chocolate & Tan
                                                   Dogwood's Little Spook, HM589988/01 02-97, Chocolate & Tan
                                                               Dogwood's Cinnamon Cloey, HM523179/01 11-95, Red
                                       Ashley Lynn Clark, HM687871/01 09-99, Chocolate & Tan, AKC DNA #V205744
                                                               Pee Wee Copeland, HD841080 03-92, Red
                                                   Phoebe Denise McCallie, HM539974/01 05-97, Chocolate & Tan
                                                               Sophia Lynn Hullender, HM362056/01 12-93, Black & Tan